Can You Feel The Blues?

We are closing in on the first month of being a complete band (we officially began May 24th as a full unit, and Bryan (guitar / vocals) Coty (bass) Steve (guitar) and Aaron (piano / keyboard) have been practicing since May 1st, 2018.  So we are getting the trees shaken and our bodies aching for more dancing (playing live gigs) but we are determined to be ready…patient…stealthy until we are ready to explode like a ticking time bomb of Rock and Roll!

If you are starting to read our posts, we thank you!  We see that someone from Alaska has been checking us out, and on Instagram a person from Japan really loving our bassists photo!  More material, pics, and music are coming your way.  I hope you enjoy the demo for “Out of Sight” because the drummer just finished tracking the drums for that song earlier today and hot damn!  It sounds amazing – John Bonham would be proud!!

Follow us on Instagram: bryanbachandthecrossroads and on twitter @bbandcrossroads

Rock and Roll my little love muffins and keep discovering new tunes, you deserve it – Mick Greene, Drummer for BB&TC. IMG_1098


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