History Amp The Future

Welcome to the Blog of Bryan Bach & The Crossroads.  We have been in many bands over the years in the State of Washington.  We have jammed with many amazing musicians, played some crazy shows, venues, and festivals (we will go deeper into the Chainsaw Wedding later…) but we want to thank all the people that we have played with past and present for getting us to this point in our career.

BB&TC completed the lineup in May of 2018 with the addition of drummer Mick Greene.  Bryan began his music journey back in 1999 when he started shredding the bass guitar.  Mick got his first drum kit five days before his fifteenth birthday back in 2001.  Coty began playing guitar at the age of twelve, Aaron has been playing piano since he was three years old and Steve has been playing guitar since the age of fourteen.  Mick, Coty, and Steve have all been in previous bands together, while Bryan has been in several other bands since a young age. 

This group of five dudes are a band of brothers; creative, motivated, and ready to shred some guitar licks to make you dance.  Rock and Roll is here in Seattle, and we will share it with you.  

“When a weaker force gets creative and is willing to put forth great effort, they have a higher chance of winning than the stronger force”.



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